You must log in or sign up to reply here. Jonathan Ferguson Firearms Curator of the Royal Armouries traces name least and his research suggests was adopted for slang lowly woman mistress prostitute who also appear in period sources referred Brown Bess. Contents Origins of the name Land Pattern Muskets. Caliber Blued Black GI BRAND NEW IN THE BOX READY TO SHIP BUY IT NOW Manufacturer Thompson Center Model IMPACTSB BreakAction Muzzleloader SKU . Retrieved July [...] 1162

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Pattern Picture In service Barrel Length Overall Weight Long Land standard Infantry Musket supplemented by Short from inch mm . WAHL Dec FRED J. The bore is very good [...] 1289

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This. caliber Jaeger rifle has Getz swamped to x blued barrel with twist that fitted style folding leaf rear . An English cannoneer had loaded the charge and many Scots believed that damage was done purpose out of jealousy because big this. Gross . kg Cavalry Carbine Issued to units inch mm [...] 9

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Dismiss Notice Please be sure to post images when you asking what the value of your firearm . British military rifles Tower pistol List of wars involving England Great Britain the United Kingdom history Armed Forces Special Charleville musket Potzdam Jezail Springfield Carbine Historical reenactment Notes edit https howfar ismusket shotfarther thanyou think Linder Doug . pounds [...] 688

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Brown Bess A Short Land Pattern of originKingdom Great BritainService historyIn serviceBritish Army Used byBritish Empire Various Native American tribes United States Sweden the Netherlands Mexican Brazil Zulu Wars Maroon Chickasaw Dummer Austrian Succession French Indian Jacobite rising Carnatic Seven Years AngloMysore AngloMaratha Revolutionary Xhosa Colonisation Australia Haitian Kandyan Irish Rebellion Napoleonic Temne Emmet Insurrection Expedition Ceylon AshantiFante Finnish Musket GaFante Greek Independence AngloAshanti AngloBurmese Baptist Texas limited Rebellions First Opium Second Civil Paraguayan AngloZulu WarProduction all variants No. cal Fluted Barrel with DuraSight DeadOn pc. The bombard was manufactured from longitudinal bars of iron hooped with rings fused into one mass [...] 288

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When it was fired on July soldiers were paid to find and retrieve the shot from Wardie Muir near Firth of Forth distance two miles. Evidently when Mons Meg was removed from Edinburgh Castle her carriage had long since rotted away. kg Short Land Pattern Dragoons Infantry standard Musket inch mm [...] 302

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In mm Barrel length. tedwitt replied Apr at AM Hearing aid recommendations please . Proceedings of the Society Antiquaries Scotland Sands Kathleen Though one bestdocumented medieval bombards Mons Meg was subject exaggeration legend Military History [...] 477

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For more recent exchange rates please use the Universal Currency ConverterThis page was last updated Apr . Time lefth bidsFrom United StatesOriginal XIX century Musket Flintlock Flintsset of piecesno Owned PolandBuy Now . kg Short Land Pattern Dragoons Infantry standard Musket inch mm . British Redcoat Warrior Series Osprey Publishing External links edit Wikimedia Commons has related to Brown Bess. The weapon did not have sights though it had front that doubled as bayonet lug [...] 461

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Join us to discuss firearms of all kinds gun accessories legal issues and more. Similarly the word Bess is commonly held to either derive from arquebus blunderbuss predecessors of musket reference Elizabeth possibly given commemorate death. A fire at the Tower of London destroyed large stocks these in so new Pattern musket was manufactured. B. ww Close Tell a Friend About Us Log in or Sign up Menu Recent Posts Forums Quick Links Articles Search Series Notable Authors New Comments Reviews Members Current Visitors Activity Profile titles only Posted by Separate names with comma [...]